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Objective-based introduction initialized. Welcome to: Onboarding.

The Onboarding tutorial teaches basic game mechanics at the start of the game. After the engineer exits their drop-pod, they are asked by ADA to complete a series of objectives. In a multiplayer game, tutorial messages are shared. Only the host is required to complete the tutorial.

Objectives[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

All the objectives are listed below in order

  1. Dismantile the drop-pod with the Construction Tool.
  2. Equip the Xeno-Zapper.
  3. Use the Resource Scanner to find Iron Ore.png Iron Ore.
  4. Build The HUB.
  5. Upgrade The HUB to unlock the Personal Storage Box and your first Biomass Burner among other things.
  6. Upgrade The HUB to level 2 to unlock the Constructor, Biomass, and several other crafting components.
  7. Upgrade The HUB to level 3 to unlock Conveyor Belts, Walls and more.
  8. Upgrade The HUB to level 4 to unlock Storage Container, Miner, and additional inventory slots. You will also receive an additional Biomass Burner
  9. Finish The HUB and get access to the M.A.M. and the Dropship. You will also be able to build the Space Elevator after finishing this objective.