Fire Spitter

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A quadrupedal horned creature that spits fire projectiles
Points de vie 8
Comportement Hostile
Alien Organs.png

The Spitter is a quadrupedal horned creature that is aggressive to players and will spit fire projectiles at them. It has 8 health and will drop Alien Organs when killed.

Behavior[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Aggressive Creature. Attacks the player on sight with a small, exploding fireball and knockback, dealing 0.5 damage.

Alternates between the following behaviors: Strafing, Approaching, Shooting.

  • During Strafing, the Fire spitter circles the Player.
  • During Shooting, the Fire spitter stops moving for a short time, faces the player and attacks. Its mouth will glow yellow before shooting a fireball.
  • During Approaching, the spitter follows the player / tries to get closer. With this behavior, it can attack while moving.

Strategy[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  1. Since it always directly faces the player when shooting, close combat is difficult. If a Rebar Gun is available, wait till it targets, shoot and immediately jump and move to dodge the slow flying fireball.
  2. Approach it with a Xeno-Basher, try to handle one at a time. Its mouth will start to glow yellow, ready to shoot a fireball. Move sideways and misdirect its fireball. After it shot the fireball, change your direction of movement and dodge it. Charge to the spitter and double bash with your Xeno-Basher, but don't attack the third time. Back off, it will shoot another fireball and will probably miss you, as the fireball will hit the floor instead. Approach it and bash for another 2 times and it should be dead.

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