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This is a list of hotkeys:


Key Function
Modèle:Key Forward
Modèle:Key Backward
Modèle:Key Strafe Left
Modèle:Key Strafe Right
Modèle:Key Crouch
Modèle:Key Jump / Vehicle Drift
Modèle:Key Sprint
  • Crouching while running will do a slide.
  • Crouch before jump will jump higher and further.


Key Function
Modèle:Key Interact
Modèle:Key Build Menu
Modèle:Key Demolish
Modèle:Key Flashlight
Modèle:Key Resource Scanner/Vehicle menu
Modèle:Key Codex
Modèle:Key Inventory
Modèle:Key Map
Modèle:Mouse Use hand slot equipment/ vehicle horn
Modèle:Key Drifting in vehicles


Key Function
Modèle:Key Emote Wheel
Modèle:Key Weapon Reload
Modèle:Key Open Chat
Modèle:Key Snap To
Modèle:Key Photo Mode
  • Using photo mode and scroll wheel to use the zoom function as a binocular. Useful for drive hunting.

Combination functions:

Keys Function
Modèle:Mouse + Modèle:Key Transfer the clicked Item (stack) between open inventories
Modèle:Mouse + Modèle:Key Drag-drop to transfer all Items of same type between open inventories
Modèle:Mouse + Modèle:Key Ping
  • If interacting with vehicle inventory and if a fuel slot is present, the fuel slot will be prioritized which means items will be transferred only to the fuel slot.