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Power Slug
PowerSlug Cycle.gif
The crystals on these slugs can be harvested and converted into power shards that function with current FICSIT technology.

Power Slugs are passive creatures that don't seem to move or respawn. They can be picked up as items and researched at the M.A.M., unlocking extra milestones at the HUB. Finishing those milestones unlocks overclocking, along with recipes to convert slugs into Power Shards at a Craft Bench

Power slugs can be searched for using the Object Scanner.png Object Scanner, with one setting searching for slugs of any color. They emit brilliant color, which allows them to be easily spotted at night. Picking up a Power Slug requires the player to hold down the interact button for 3 seconds while facing it.

There are green, yellow and purple slugs scattered around the map, which can be crafted into 1, 2 and 5 Power Shard.png Power shards respectively. The more shards they make, the less common they are.

Green[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Green Power Slugs are common, and are often found within plain sight on small stone spires, on the trees or hills that rarely require ladder or a Jetpack.png Jetpack to reach.

Produces: Power Shard.png Power Shard - x1

Yellow[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Yellow Power Slugs are a bit rarer, and can often be found in and around the gassy rocks, on trees, near/on cliff faces and other difficult to traverse places. Most yellow slugs are heavily guarded by local creatures, or poison clouds (You can use a Gas Mask.png Gas Mask to get through these easily). You will usually need to construct a tall ladder to reach them.

Produces: Power Shard.png Power Shard - x2

Purple[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Purple Power Slugs are very rare and are often found high up on cave walls, on top of mountains, inside ravines, on cliff faces and other hard to notice/reach places. You will usually need to construct a long ramp or walkway or have access to the Jetpack.png Jetpack to reach them.

Produces: Power Shard.png Power Shard - x5